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Quick Repairs to Make Before Listing Your Home for Sale

Jessica Woodbeck
Jul 5 8 minutes read

Quick Repairs to Make Before Listing Your Home for Sale

Of all the things that accompany home sales and moving to a new place, repairs are the last thing that comes to mind. And yet, choosing the right repairs to make before listing your home should be the priority. With the proper selection of home improvements, you can sufficiently raise your current home value to cover its sale fees and even moving expenses. It's well worth considering, don't you think?


Which repairs to make before listing your home?

Invest in your current home one last time, and it will repay you - quite literally. The
best thing about it is that you don't have to break the bank. Quite unexpectedly, home improvements that bring the highest return on investment upon sale are often the most affordable ones.

Bear in mind that a serious buyer will arrange for a home inspection before making an offer. In case your home shows signs of water or pest damage, make sure to fix these before anything else. Hiding any structural issues with cosmetic repairs isn't worth losing a promising buyer. Moreover, splurging on remodeling that might not pay off isn't the best solution either. The following home improvements are the most cost-effective ideas for first-time sellers:

● Refinishing floors.
● Repainting walls, cabinet surfaces, and garage doors.
● Regrouting bathroom and kitchen tiles.
● Reglazing (re-enameling) bathroom fixtures.
● Refreshing your driveway.

You might have noticed that most of these tasks focus on the renovation and improvement of existing home features. These solutions don't only save you money but also time. Most of the abovementioned repairs take between a day and a week to complete. And time is of greatest importance when it comes to home selling

Refreshing Floors

One of the most practical repairs to make before listing your home concerns refreshing your most expensive home feature - your floors. If you are a proud owner of a hardwood floor that is showing signs of wear and tear, remove the surface layer and refinish it. The return on investment is a hundred percent. If, by chance, you decide to renew the floors completely and install hardwood, expect a 90% return - still an excellent investment.

If you opt for these extensive floor repairs, think about your furniture. As you're about to move out soon anyway, it is recommended to pack and store away most of your belongings. Partly because the absence of bulky furniture will make your home appear more spacious. But also, you will free up space for renovation and keep your items safe. Luckily, when it comes to local movers, packers, and storage solutions, Troy offers reputable experts that can assist you during every single phase.

Repainting Walls

Every buyer expects to see two things: a structurally sound and well-maintained home. As a seller, your task is to provide both. Repainting the exterior comes into play only if it's in a severe state of disrepair. This investment makes the biggest impression on buyers, and often this impression lingers during the viewing. However,
it is one of the most expensive remodeling options. On the other hand, repainting all the inner walls brings the best ROI and doesn't require significant expenses.

While the contractors are there, add your garage doors and kitchen cabinets to the list. Repaint the metal garage doors after removing peeling layers of paint but sand the wooden cabinet fronts. If you are wondering about the color choice, repaint them in one of the stylish but neutral tones. Keep in mind that you're preparing your current home for a wide range of potential new owners. While they all prefer clean, renovated features, they may not share your sense of aesthetics.

Repairing Bathroom Fixtures

It has been proven many times over that of all the repairs to make before listing your home, bathroom improvements bring the best returns and attract multiple offers. It is extremely easy and quick to add a touch of luxury to your bathrooms while keeping a modest repair budget. Faucets that are too old and discolored are perhaps the only bathroom fixture you can and should replace. Everything else will shine like new after regrouting and reglazing.

Even if you clean the grouts often, they still might change the color over time. Unless the tiles are broken and need to be replaced, simple regrouting is a fast and efficient way to renew your bathroom. Reglazing your tub and possibly a sink come next. Dropping things and chipping the enamel happened at least once to everybody. It takes only a few hours to apply and a day for the fresh coat of enamel to dry. This new layer can last up to two years.

Reviving Driveway and Curb Appeal

If your driveway shows cracks and holes or crumbles, do not despair. There are ways to repair every surface, be it concrete, asphalt, or stone. Just like the exterior of your home, driveway and garage doors contribute to the overall impression of your curb appeal. When you add landscaping to the equation, you get a home that says one thing to potential buyers: well-maintained. But before you call the pros to repair your driveway, take time to pull out the weeds growing in cracks and clean the surface with a power washer. These are two simple tasks you can do on your own and save yourself some money.

If you have a yard, extend your renovation efforts to the outdoors, too. Spending time outside has become a luxury we took for granted until a year ago. Refresh your lawn, update your patio and garden furniture, cut the perennials and replant your flower beds. Your buyers will greatly appreciate it and might be ready to pay extra to enjoy it.

A Bonus Tip 

If there is anything broken or missing in your home - replace it. Although you might think that not changing every lightbulb is necessary, it is, especially when the time comes for staging  photos and viewing. If you need a fresh pair of eyes to scan your home for important but missing details, ask a friend or family member to help you out. They are not as used to your home features as you are. And, most importantly, they will be able to give you valuable honest insight into the repairs to make before listing your home for sale. 

Meta: The right choice of repairs to make before listing your home can raise your home value enough to cover other costs. It's worth considering!

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Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Consider tackling a couple of these projects before getting your home on the market because it will increase your home's value and make for an easier sale. Come up with a list of priorities like landscaping, kitchen updates, or hardwood floors, then create a timeline and a budget, so you know what needs to be done first.

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